Educational Tourist Attractions in Bandung, West Java

Educational Tourism Places in Bandung is one part of the information on tourist attractions in Bandung which are the main destinations for Indonesian tourism, especially West Java Province. Bandung is famous and rich in fashion, shopping and culinary.

In addition to favorite tourist attractions such as Transtudio Bandung, Kawah Putih, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, and other tourist attractions, Bandung has a variety of objects and alternative tourist attractions, namely educational tourist attractions. Educational tourism is the main alternative that must be visited, especially by children and families, because it will provide insight and added value for the development of their knowledge.

Educational tourism covers 3 tourism sectors such as historical tourism, arts and culture. Bandung has several historical attractions, museums, art and culture studios, educational parks and others. Some of these objects include: Saung Angklung Udjo, Traffic Park, Dago Cultural Park, Jendela Alam, Bandung Geology Museum, Museum of the Asian-African Conference, Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum, Indonesian Postal Museum, Sri Badunga Museum, Science and Technology Center of Kota Baru Parahyangan, and Bosscha Binoculars.

The following is brief information related to the tourist attractions above:

Saung Angklung Udjo

Located on Jalan Padasuka No. 118 Bandung. Saung Angklung Udjo is one of the attractions of art, culture and education. This tourist attraction offers a variety of Sundanese cultural arts attractions accompanied by traditional art tools, especially the Angklung musical instrument. In addition, you can learn the basics and knowledge of Angklung musical instruments guided by professionals. The entrance ticket to watch the show is Rp. 60,000/person (for adults) and for children Rp. 40,000,-. After finishing your visit, you can visit the souvenir shop and stop at the restaurant provided.

Traffic Park

Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Park or often called Traffic Park is located on Jalan Belitung No. 1 Bandung. The traffic park is a family recreation area and an educational park that introduces various kinds of traffic signs packaged with simulations of mini vehicles that can be ridden and mini signs along the road. This park is very instrumental in introducing children to the importance of obeying traffic signs.

Dago Cultural Park

Dago Cultural Park is located at Jalan Bukit Dago Selatan No. 53 A. This Cultural Park was established by the Government of West Java with the aim of preserving the culture that exists in West Java. Here, you can learn and participate in art training programs. Sund artists often visit or perform arts and cultural performances in this park.

Bandung Nature Window

Located at Jalan Sergeant Bajuri Km 4.5 Lembang, Bandung, West Java. Windows of nature carries the theme of Education and Recreation (Education and recreation) with various recreational facilities such as farms and plantations, mini water park, play ground, hall/pavilion, nature shop, water purification, and prayer room. The natural window activity programs include tours of nature’s friends, introduction to animals, introduction to medicinal plants, gardening and art creations, traditional games, birthday parties and gatherings, swimming, cycling, horse riding, tea walks and others.

In addition to the above activities, there is one activity called a mini workshop, namely activities related to biology, orchid cultivation, composting, bio gas, egg phase, snake habbit, and water purification. The natural window is often visited by institutions, play groups, early childhood education (PAUD), kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.

Bandung Geological Museum

The Bandung Geological Museum was founded on May 16, 1929 in that year the name of this museum was named Geologische Museum. This museum has its own charm for tourists, one of which has a collection of Homoerectus ancient human fossils, ancient elephant fossils of Stegodon trigonocephalus and replicas of the largest and most ferocious carnivorous dinosaur fossils, and tyrannosaurus rex that lived in the Cretaceous era.

In addition, in the geological museum there are illustrations and simulations of how the earth was formed, how life developed from time to time, and we will know about geological phenomena and their relationship to human life.

Asian-African Conference Museum

The Museum of the Asian-African Conference is located at Jalan Asia Afrika Number 65 Bandung. This museum is located in the center of Bandung. Maybe we already know the history of the Asia-Africa conference which was held in Bandung on 18 – 24 April 1955. This conference is a very important historical record for Indonesia, because it has only been 10 years since Indonesia became independent but Indonesia is ready to host the conference international.

This museum presents many relics and information related to the Conference, from its background to its development. In addition, this museum has a collection of documents such as books, magazines, newspapers, and manuscripts related to the activities of the Asian-African conference.

Siliwangi Wangsit Mandala Museum

The Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum is located on Jl. Lembong No. 38. This museum was the first Siliwangi Division Headquarters in Bandung. This museum has an area of ​​4,176 m2 and has a building area of ​​1,674 m2. The name of this museum is taken from 2 fragments of words, namely the word siliwangi and wangsit mandala.

Siliwangi is the king of the Padjadjaran kingdom who has a wise and wise attitude, and the name Wangsit Mandala is a place to store items left behind by previous fighters to be remembered by future generations. The relics in the Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi museum include cleavers, kris, swords, machetes, spears, arrows, bamboo swords, and Samurai as well as firearms of various types and previous military vehicles.

Indonesian Postal Museum

Located on Jalan Cilaki No. 73 Bandung. This museum was established since the Dutch East Indies era in 1933. Until the transfer of power by the Japanese, this museum is still intact and well-maintained. Finally, on September 27, 1983, the museum changed its name to the Postal and Giro Museum.

In 1995 the museum was again renamed the Indonesian Postal Museum until now. The attraction of the postal museum is the collection of thousands of stamps from around the world. In addition to stamps, ancient postal items such as scales, letters, postman’s bicycles, as well as official clothes and postal equipment from the colonial era to the present are also exhibited and have their own charm.

Sri Baduga Museum

Sri Baduga Museum is located at Jalan BKR No. 145, Bandung 40243. This museum presents various historical objects related to the cultural anthropology of the people of West Java. The attraction of this museum is the collection of objects from rocks, minerals, fossils and other naturally formed objects. In addition, several skull fossils, human skeletons, plants and animals are also presented. As well as cultural objects that describe the identity of an ethnicity.

Sundial Science and Technology Center

Located on Jl. Raya Padalarang 427, Bandung, West Java -Indonesia. Puspa Iptek Sundial is a center for demonstration of science and technology. The name Sundial means Sundial, as seen in the architecture of the building. Sundial is a tourist attraction as well as being the mascot of the Puspa Science and Technology tourist attraction. In addition, the Sundial Science and Technology Center has 150 units of science and technology demonstration units as well as a 4-dimensional cinema that is ready to entertain you. This is one of the tourist attractions for children and educational tours in Bandung.

Bosscha Binoculars

Located at Jalan Peneropongan Bintang Lembang 40391, West Java. Bosscha Binoculars Star is the oldest telescope in Indonesia. These binoculars are one of the educational tourist attractions that are very suitable for researchers. As an object that has a tourist function, Bosscha is open to the public and anyone can visit this place. Not only researchers, tourists ranging from children to the elderly many who come to see the stars. Some of the telescope collections in Bosscha include the Milky Way Schmidt Telescope, Zeiss Double Refractor Telescope, GOTO Cassegrain Telescope, Unitron Refractor Telescope, and 2.3 m Solar Telescope and Radio Telescope.

There are many more educational tourist attractions in the Bandung area, West Java, which we will add next. This info is part of the information on Tourist Attractions in Bandung